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Castor Oil Packs – How to Make it and Use Safely

Tips to Ensure Safety when using a Castor Oil Pack

To ensure you use castor oil packs safely, you should:

•  Consult a registered health care professional before using a castor oil pack

•  Use the pack only externally and never orally

•  Ensure the castor oil pack is only placed over unbroken skin to avoid complications

•  Use castor oil packs primarily with old clothes and linen as they can be stained

•  Avoid using castor oil packs during pregnancy, while menstruating, and while breastfeeding

You can make castor oil packs easily. However, knowing the right material to use only comes with experience. Strips made of wool or flannel will seldom have uniform levels of thickness. This can have negative impacts. A castor oil pack with a thin flannel can cause burns from the heat applied. Equally, a castor oil pack with a very thick flannel will not allow the heat to permeate and heal properly. You should also exercise caution when you purchase castor oil for making your pack. Most stores stock castor oil made from seeds, which might have traces of toxic pesticides. Alternatively, the use of hexane, or other chemicals used in extracting castor oil, could damage its beneficial phytonutrients, thereby devaluing your castor oil pack.

When looking for products you can trust, check out our supplies of castor oil packs. We make our castor oil packs with precision to ensure your safety. The certification of our castor oil packs through various quality checks ensures adherence to the prescribed standards. With castor oil packs, we believe that you must be safe rather than sorry.

Noted American humorist, Josh Billings, said, “Advice is like castor oil, easy enough to give, but dreadfully uneasy to take.”  Unlike castor oil, our advice on castor oil packs is easy to take. The ease, convenience and safety provided by our castor oil packs, will make you return for more.

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