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Biotin Hair Growth Facts and Comparison with Castor Oil

biotin hair growthBiotin for hair growth is one of the most popular uses for Biotin, as it is an effective vitamin to help improve the growth of the length of hair, but how does it compare to other effective methods like castor oil? In this article, we will explore the pros and the cons of using biotin for hair growth and compare it with the miracle oil from castor seed.

Biotin Hair Growth Effect – What is Biotin?

Biotin is a vitamin that helps improve circulation, promote cardiovascular health, improve blood sugar plus improve the health of epithelial tissue, meaning the skin, hair and nails. This is why this vitamin is a popular supplement for women to take because it helps improve the look of the skin, hair, and nails, thereby helping the individual using it to retain their youthful looks. However, Biotin also has its drawbacks, which will be discussed in the table below.

Biotin Hair Growth Versus Castor Oil for Hair Growth






Castor Oil

AffordabilityCost is a bit high because it takes a few months of taking Biotin for hair growth before results are seen.Cost is low. The effect is obvious after only a few days or after a few uses.
Time frame to achieve effectIt usually takes 8 weeks or more to see an effect on hair growth when using this vitamin.It only takes as little as 2 weeks to see the hair growth effect of this oil.
Ease of useEasyEasy
How to UseA supplement pill or capsule is taken once up to a few times a day.Massaged unto the scalp and hair. It can also be used as a sort of hot oil treatment and on very frizzy hair, as a form of leave in conditioner.
Other benefits and uses
  • Helps reduce cholesterol levels
  • Helps regulate blood sugar
  • Helps improve circulation
  • Helps improve skin health
  • Helps the growth of nails
DisadvantagesIn some extreme cases, the use of Biotin can cause acne.None
Effectiveness Effectivity varies from person to person. Although Biotin can improve the growth of existing hair, it does not stimulate the growth of new hair, thereby making Biotin hair growth a slow and not very effective process.Very effective. Not only does castor oil hasten hair growth, it also stimulates the growth of new hair, resulting in thicker longer hair.

Biotin Hair Growth and Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Although Biotin is a great product to use for hair growth, the facts are clear in the table above that it does have its limitations. Using Biotin for hair growth may not be enough to produce thick lustrous strong beautiful hair unless used together with other wonderful natural products like castor oil.

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