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1. Sunny Isle Extra Dark Jamaican Black Castor Oil 8 oz

Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Extra Dark 8 Oz

Customer Review: The MIRACLE oil that solved all my beauty problems! I’ve been hearing quite a lot of great things about castor oil before, both from pinterest and facebook so I said to myself, why not give it a shot? After all, it is either this or the never ending trips to the salon and spa for my forever present dry hair and skin problems. I made a quick google ... Read More »

Hair Loss – Causes and Treatment

hair loss

Can Castor Oil Stop Hair Loss? Using castor oil as a hair loss treatment dates back many millennia although nowadays we know that castor oil contains many highly beneficial natural compounds which stimulates hair growth. When castor oil is massaged into the hair and scalp, these compounds get straight to work. They stimulate blood circulation, nourish the scalp and provide nutrients to the hair roots naturally encouraging hair growth. Castor ... Read More »

Use Castor Oil to Induce Labor – Uses and Side Effects

Use castor oil to induce labor

History of Using Castor Oil to Induce Labor It is not known when the practice of using castor oil to induce labor first started, but it is believed that the Ancient Egyptians could have been using it as early as 4000BC.  Although there are many natural ways to induce labor, very few compounds are as effective as castor oil. Doctors and midwives have been recommending taking castor oil as one ... Read More »

Castor Beans

Castor Beans

What Are Castor Beans? Castor beans are the seeds of the castor oil plant Ricinus communis. The plant is native to East Africa, although it can be found all around the Mediterranean region and Indian subcontinent. Many people in America even grow a castor bean plant in their garden to help keep pests away. The castor oil plant is a member of the spurge family. The seeds from the castor oil ... Read More »

Castor Oil Benefits – Hair Growth, Skincare and Health

castor oil benefits

Castor Oil Benefits the Health and Combats Disease The castor oil benefits for health and wellness are extensive. Castor oil is one of the most useful natural products available for treating a variety of maladies and combating a wide range of ailments. Castor oil benefits the skin, hair, internal organs and many bodily systems. It can be used on the skin, taken as a dietary supplement or even applied to ... Read More »

Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Cold Pressed Castor Oil

What is Cold Pressed Castor Oil? Cold pressed castor oil is an oil extracted from castor bean seeds. Castor beans contain nutrient-rich oil, which makes up 50%-60% of their weight. When pressure is applied to the beans, they release this oil and all of the nutrients, minerals and essential fatty acids which it contains. No heat is required to extract the oil. Simply pressing the beans provides a wonderfully luxurious ... Read More »

Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hair Growth

jamaican black castor oil

What is Jamaican Black Castor Oil? Jamaican black castor oil has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for a wide range of maladies, including skin problems and aches and pains. The dark nutrient-rich oil is obtained from pressing castor beans. The oil produced is commonly used as a hair treatment to repair damage and also to encourage hair growth.  Jamaican black castor oil moisturizes, thickens and softens hair, ... Read More »

2. Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil 8oz with an Applicator

Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil 8oz with an Applicator

                             Customer Review: Look ma, no more wigs! (a frog turned to princess story) I’ve always battled hair problems since I was a teenager. I have very kinky dry hair which I straightened by using a ton of hair relaxers and all those kinds of products which of course is not only bad for the hair but ... Read More »

3. Home Health Castor Oil, Cold Pressed and Cold Processed

home health castor oil

Customer Review: My lifesaver oil! Truly an effective and great product! I’m not really a fan of natural remedies and all that ‘natural healing’ stuff but ever since I tried using Home Health Castor Oil for my aches and pains I’m now a reformed believer! My officemate made me try this castor oil a year ago when she heard I’ve been having rheumatism pain and its affecting my work performance ... Read More »

4. Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Care Combo Set-II

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Care Combo Set-II

                               Customer Review: Like Catnip for hair I have thin limp hair so I was looking for a product that didn’t weight it down, be all natural, and would be sulfate free. For you folks out there, sulfate, which is present in most shampoos strips your hair of keratin, making it more prone to damage. Anyways, ... Read More »

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