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What is Castor Oil – Model Conqueror of Various Maladies

What is Castor OilWhat is Castor Oil

Castor oil is a vegetable oil derived from the castor bean seed in its purest form. It is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Cultivators of castor beans remove the hull of the seed, before pressing it to obtain the oil.

The history of Castor oil goes way, way back. Ancient Egyptians allegedly used castor oil for their lamps around 4000 BC while Greek travelers like Herodotus recorded that the Egyptians used it as an ointment. Reportedly, Cleopatra used it for brightening the whites of her eyes. No wonder she’s an epitome of beauty, eh? Over the years, it has earned a phenomenal reputation for being a laxative, cathartic, and purgative medicine. Even Angelina Jolie and Britney Spears allegedly tried it for themselves and loved it!

Uses of Castor Oil – Hair Growth, Skincare and Labor Induction

People use this oil for various reasons. Some common uses will be for:

•  Its laxative properties

•  Treating fungal infections on the skin

•  Soothing the eyes

•  Obtaining relief from joint pains

•  Beautifying the skin and giving it a youthful glow

•  Obtaining silkier, lustrous hair

•  Manufacturing products

Hair Care

Split ends and dryness are quickly fixed by the moisturizing power of castor oil. This is a good option if you do not want to use conditioner. Using castor oil in the hair, coats the edges of each strand, thereby locking in the moisture. It gives you silkier, lustrous hair without having to worry about it being damaged after a few days.

Massaging your head with castor oil can also improve blood circulation. This can serve to stimulate hair growth. Castor oil can also combat scalp infections that lead to a loss of hair. Its germicidal properties make it effective for treating several ailments like dandruff, folliculitis, etc.  (read more)

Induce labor

Various testimonials, both from primitive and present times, prove that after taking Castor Oil, they were able to deliver faster and with less pain. What is castor oil’s secret? That we do not know. We can, however, attest that doctors and midwives alike use them especially when pregnant women are so slender and is having a hard time delivering the baby.    (read more)

Skin Regime

If you have been frustrated with all the wrinkles in your face, castor oil is the best for you. It has low-molecular weight, which means that it is absorbed fast by your skin. It then stimulates the production of collagen and other tissues.This makes it easier to lessen wrinkles, as well as pimples, acne, eye bags, sunburn, dry skin, stretch marks, among others. It works amazingly on itches too!    (read more)

Massage and lump removal

Since it is soothing to the skin, it is the best choice when having massages. It gives a relaxing aura and it is excellent for people suffering from arthritis. It is said that it can not only penetrate the skin but our organs as well. This way, lumps that we have can be melted even without any operation. It can also dissolve cysts and warts with frequent use.


Do you have a mouth sore? Or an open wound? Castor has been used since forever to cure an open wound and mouth sore. This is because castor oil has Ricinoleic acid which contains antimicrobial properties. It is also effective for constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, and bladder and vaginal infections.You can also deal with fungal infections like ringworm effectively by using it. When used in the eyes, it can provide relief from the dust and other particles that entered the eyes. Castor oil is also effective for treating eye problems like stys.


Apart from its traditional use in medicine, the manufacturing sector also uses this oil. Items like paints, dyes, sealants, varnishes, and lubricants contain some percent of castor oil. In some cases, manufacturers also this for making soaps, cosmetics, and as a flavoring agent in food products.

Hair Growth Products Comparison Table

Castor Oil









Variable. Typically only good when hair loss is related to vitamin deficiency

Can be effective for some people. Does not stimulate new hair growth

How Long to Start Working

Difference usually noticeable after two weeks

Approximately one month

Approximately one month

Method of use

Massage oil into the hair and scalp

Take daily dietary supplements

Take daily dietary supplements

Other Benefits

Moisturizes the hair, nourishes roots, stimulates circulation, combats fungal, bacterial and viral skin infections

Wide range of health benefits if there is a lack of vitamins in the diet. If there is no deficiency, the health benefits of taking additional vitamins may be limited

Can help to reduce cholesterol, regulate blood sugar and improve skin health. Benefits, however, may only be seen/felt upon regular dosage

Side Effects

None, if taken according to the instructions on it’s label

Taking high quantities of vitamins can be harmful

Typically none although there have been some reports of biotin causing acne.

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KE of Amazon.Com said that for years, she has heard people ask what is castor oil, and have testified about it’s benefits after using it. However, she was very content using coconut oil she did not mind them at first. After a period of time, she then gave in out of curiosity and applied it to her hair almost every night before tying it up. She has seen great results since then! Her hair is now thicker and longer. This is not something any coconut oil can do, only Castor Oil! That is why when somebody asks her is she knows what castor oil is, she will have loads of good stories to tell!

Meanwhile, Rach021788 of babycenter.com has sworn that she used castor oil and it totally worked! She shared that after taking two tablespoons of castor oil, she already had her first contraction an hour later. She then was rushed to the hospital a few hours after because she her water already broke! She was so satisfied with castor oil because she did not experience any labor complications!

Kirk of Amazon.com also tried this product and shared it to this whole family. He shared that his family has had dry skin for as long as they can remember until they found castor oil. He furthered that it helped them especially during winter when we all have cracks on our hands and we experience skin dryness.

Castor Oil Benefits and Drawbacks

Common benefits of using castor oil include:

•  An improvement in general well-being

•  Obtaining relief from various ailments

•  Boosting levels of immunity

Some drawbacks include:

•  Inducing early labor if taken by pregnant women before they are ready to deliver

•  Aggravation of conditions if consumed by people suffering from certain ailments

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The Antidote to Several Ailments

When taken for a short-term duration, castor oil will remain beneficial. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, castor oil also has other therapeutic traits. These include providing relief for people suffering from asthma, dysentery, inflammatory bowel syndrome etc. People use castor oil for boosting immunity and as an antimicrobial agent too.

Things to Guard Against

While Castor Oil offers a wide range of advantages, taking it without properly checking the label may do you some harm. This is why all those interested individuals must first know what castor oil is and how to properly use it. Bear in mind that you must never consume castor oil seeds orally. The hull contains ricin, which is very toxic. That is why manufacturers do the difficult task of separating the oil from the hull.

Like any medication, there are some who just don’t match it. In very rare events, some people are allergic to Castor Oil. Using this will cause them some rashes and itching/swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat), severe dizziness, trouble breathing.

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