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Biotin Hair Growth Facts and Comparison with Castor Oil

biotin hair growth

Biotin for hair growth is one of the most popular uses for Biotin, as it is an effective vitamin to help improve the growth of the length of hair, but how does it compare to other effective methods like castor oil? In this article, we will explore the pros and the cons of using biotin for hair growth and compare it with the miracle oil from castor seed. Biotin Hair ... Read More »

Natural Hair Products and the Miracle of Castor Oil

natural hair products

Natural hair products are gaining more and more popularity these days, particularly ones which uses natural nourishing oils such as castor oil. More so, hair product companies are joining in the trend of natural hair products and are continually developing products which are derived from nature’s bounty of ingredients. Natural Hair Products – What is Meant by Natural? A product is deemed natural when most of its primary ingredients are ... Read More »

Hair Growth – Biotin, Vitamins and Castor Oil

hair growth

Hair Growth Products Comparison Table Castor Oil Vitamins Biotin Cost Low Medium High Effectiveness Excellent Variable. Typically only good when hair loss is related to vitamin deficiency Can be effective for some people. Does not stimulate new hair growth How Long to Start Working Difference usually noticeable after two weeks Approximately one month Approximately one month Method of use Massage oil into the hair and scalp Take daily dietary supplements ... Read More »

Hair Loss – Causes and Treatment

hair loss

Can Castor Oil Stop Hair Loss? Using castor oil as a hair loss treatment dates back many millennia although nowadays we know that castor oil contains many highly beneficial natural compounds which stimulates hair growth. When castor oil is massaged into the hair and scalp, these compounds get straight to work. They stimulate blood circulation, nourish the scalp and provide nutrients to the hair roots naturally encouraging hair growth. Castor ... Read More »

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