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Castor Oil Packs – How to Make it and Use Safely

Making a Castor Oil Pack

Use the following tips to make your castor oil pack, once you have gathered all the materials. The technique for making a castor oil pack involves:

•  Folding the flannel into three levels of thicknesses

•  Placing the piece of flannel in the container

•  Warming the castor oil to the appropriate temperature

•  Soaking the flannel in a bowl of castor oil, just enough to keep it saturated, without letting the oil drip

•  Placing the flannel of the castor oil pack over the affected area

•  Covering the flannel of the castor oil pack with the plastic wrap

•  Placing a hot water bottle on the plastic wrap

Generally, most health care practitioners and old folk remedies advise leaving the castor oil pack in place for one hour. The prime purpose of the castor oil pack is to combine the therapeutic properties of the oil with the heat of the hot water bottle. This combination provides immense relief to the affected body area. After an hour, remove the castor oil pack. Make a solution of water and baking soda and cleanse the affected area with this solution.

The best thing about the castor oil pack is that it is easily reusable. This spares you the time and the trouble of making one from scratch each time. For example, you do not need to find strips of wool or flannel each time you need a castor oil pack. Further, it ensures that you do not use more castor oil than necessary. This explains why old folk remedies consider the application of castor oil packs not only beneficial, but economical. Generally, you can use castor oil packs for three successive days for treating an ailment. You can also use your pack for three successive days to detoxify the body. Once the castor oil pack becomes rancid or changes color, you should make a new pack.

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