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Castor Oil Packs – How to Make it and Use Safely

castor oil packsWhat are Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil packs – in their most basic form – are simply strips of cloth immersed in castor oil. Popular folk treatment methods involved placing castor oil packs on the skin. Castor oil packs yield several benefits, such as improved blood circulation, faster healing of tissues and many more. Some health practitioners even advocate the use castor oil packs to provide pain relief, improve digestion and reduce inflammations. Castor oil packs provide holistic treatment for several ailments. To achieve the maximum benefits, castor oil packs should be used for an hour each day.

Materials Used in Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil packs are extremely simple to make, and the hardest part is often getting the materials together. This fact alone should highlight the ease with which you can make a castor oil pack. The materials needed for a simple castor oil pack are as follows:

•  2-3 layers of undyed wool or cotton flannel for the castor oil pack (this should be sufficient to comfortably cover the affected area; for covering the abdomen, use the rough estimate of 12×18 inches)
•  A bottle of castor oil (preferably warm)
•  A hot water bottle (or a heating pad will also suffice)
•  A container with a lid for storing the castor oil pack
•  A plastic wrap that is 2-3 inches larger than the piece of flannel used in the castor oil pack

You can use any plastic for making the plastic wrap needed for a castor oil pack. For example, you could obtain it by cutting a large plastic bag to the right size.

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